Wanted: Universal Dock Adapter for iPhone 3GS + Contour Hardskin for iHome iP9

hardskinI have the  Contour Designs Hardskin case for my iPhone 3GS, actually it was on my prior 3G. I love the case so much, I convinced my wife to buy one for her 3GS. The case is sturdy, and offers a nice texture that doesn’t slip in your hand.

ihomeWe recently purchased the iHome iP9BR Clock Radio for iPhone. Unlike our prior iHome (for the iPod) the iP9 is universal dock compatible. This is handy if you should need to buy a dock adapter from apple to fit your device. The iP9, came with 3 adapters, one of which is designed for the iPhone 3G(S), but this doesn’t work with a cover or skin on your iPhone. Now honestly, I’m not complaining and expected that. I was happy to see that removing the iPhone 3GS dock adapter allowed ample room for my iPhone + Hardskin.

I do understand that using the iHome’s dock this way isn’t recommended since the iPhone is left with no back support. So, why aren’t case manufacturers like Contour Designs creating matching dock adapters for their products? I for one would fork out $10 for one (probably only cost a few dollars to produce).

In the mean time I’m left to create my own solution. Suggestion? Drop a line in the comments. If I come up with something easy, and attractive I’ll post it here. I also left a message for Contour Designs not sure if I will hear back from them…