My Dear Sister…

I can’t  believe I missed out on the Dear Sister parody from SNL last year. Thanks to Jon Lee for sharing that nugget of time killer beauty. The wonders of YouTube related videos had Michelle and I consuming many of the double parodies like Pirates of the Caribbean, Lost, The Tudors and a classic episode of Three’s Company. If you too have no clue about Dear Sister, then read on. Oh, and stick around for my very own stab at the double parody. Continue reading

Vitrue Acquires UGENmedia

The news broke today, and I’m finally in a position to share it. Vitrue has acquired a key player in our market named UGENmedia. I’ve had the chance to work with Adam and Roger from UGENmedia and I’m truly excited with the knowledge and expertise their team brings. While there’s always overlap when comparing two companies, I’m thrilled to see a significant amount of complimentary features, skills and experience. Reggie Bradford our CEO said, “This partnership provides Vitrue with an additional dimension through UGENmedia’s expertise and cutting-edge applications.”

Details include:

  • Vitrue gains executive talent
  • Vitrue adds strategic New York presence
  • Vitrue enhances technology and application offerings
  • UGENmedia’s employees are retained 

You can read the entire release at

Morgan Stanley’s report – Social Media is dominating…

Michael Arrington at TechCrunch posted about this slide deck. His summary is insightful. I for one love the fact that Blendtec was featured in the report. I have watched Will It Blend for over a couple of years now, and rave about it. It’s a great example of the success of viral marketing. Oddly, I still haven’t purchased a Blendtec, but when I need an ultimate blender, I know where to turn. 

How to accept a job at a social media company.

As you may know I recently took a position with Vitrue. Vitrue develops a platform for major brands to implement video-centric social media campaigns and communities. The interview process was fairly typical, a round robin of meetings. When done, I came away very impressed with the organization and the following week I was thrilled to received a verbal offer of employment.  After spending a few days considering the offer, I got the crazy idea to say YES in a non-traditional method. The following link was sent in place of a letter of acceptance: Continue reading