Vitrue Launches Redesigned Site

Vitrue (, the company I work for, launched a redesigned site last Friday. It’s been in the works for sometime now, since just after I started with the company in March. By no means does it take that long to build a site, but when you are busy with new customers and a recent acquisition it’s easy to get distracted. The new site is clean and easy to navigate, and highlights some of the work we have done with our clients. 

Anyway, I was part of the project and as you can tell, I’m really thrilled with the outcome. My role included launching a CMS, creating/packaging the video content and a handful of HTML. I’m also a participant in the company blog. Feel free to drop by and participate in our social media marketing conversations. And, congratulations to the rest of the team who had their hands in this project. Great Job!

Twitter Survey Take 2 – Brightkite, Photos and Blog Updates

Ok, so I figured out my Google Docs problem. Apparently the setting for my company GDocs wouldn’t allow me to create a public doc. I did try to publish it, but that didn’t work either. So I’m using my personal Google Docs account.

Please take a moment and answer the following questions related to your Twitter preferences.

As I mentioned before, I will post the results here on


GDocs Spreadsheet Live Forms – bit me

As you will see in my prior post and update, I was trying to use a new feature in a Google Docs Spreadsheet that allows you to capture data from a form and have it auto populate a spreadsheet. The idea is a really cool concept, except that it requires some form of authentication, maybe because I was using my company google apps account. I also tried publishing my spreadsheet publicly but that still didn’t open the form to the public. If I figure out a solution I’ll post back here. If you have any suggestion leave a comment.

Oh, and I apologize for anyone coming to my blog in the last 24 hours and getting redirected to login at my companies Google Apps account… Whoops ;-) 

Twitter Survey about Photos, Brightkite, and Blog posts

Please take a min and answer the following survey questions. I’ll report the results in a future post here on


Oops 101. I should have known better. This post was embedding an iframe from a google forms spreadsheet. I thought it was publicly available. I even tested it on other browsers, thinking I wasn’t logged into to GDocs.

My plan was to ask the following fill in the blank survey questions.
Brightkite location “check in” in Twitter are ______ .
Photos posted to Twitter are _______.
New blog entries posted to Twitter are _____.

I’ll get back to you with my next attempt.