Twitter Survey Take 2 – Brightkite, Photos and Blog Updates

Ok, so I figured out my Google Docs problem. Apparently the setting for my company GDocs wouldn’t allow me to create a public doc. I did try to publish it, but that didn’t work either. So I’m using my personal Google Docs account.

Please take a moment and answer the following questions related to your Twitter preferences.

As I mentioned before, I will post the results here on


Brightkite & Twitter (it’s not chocolate & peanut butter)

The other day Jeff Pabian (local blogger and friend), sent me an invite to Brightkite. Ironically he also posted a review of Brightkite on his blog. Hes’s done a great job explaining what Brighkite does and the potential value. I for one haven’t experienced the local connection he¬†describes. I either don’t have enough friends or the demographics of my rural suburbs don’t line up. As a Twitter user, I was thrilled to see Brightkite’s integration. That is, until I used it. Continue reading