WordPress on the iPhone – initial thoughts and screenshots

I just downloaded and installed the WordPress app for my iPhone. Setup was super simple and with one click I could see my posts. I have created and tagged this post from my iPhone. The only trouble I see is needing to copy and paste a URL. Inline images are also not possible, but adding pics to the bottom of the post is sufficient. Tags, categories, schedule, and passwords are east to set too. For a 1.0 release I give two thumbs up!

I would like to see Comment moderation in a future release. Also improve the inclusion of URLs. Entering HTML code on the iPhone isn’t quick and easy.

You can get WordPress for your iPhone from http://snurl.com/32uhi [--> iTunes Link]

Screenshots attatched. This entire post was created, previewed and published with WordPress on the iPhone.

photo photo

photo photo

photo photo

Having trouble finding the MobileMe 1.1 Update

MobileMe logoOne of my Macs had a hard time locating the MobileMe 1.1 Update. I had repeatedly been to Software Update, with no avail. My iMac only used my .Mac / MobileMe account for the iDisk and Back to My Mac features. On a whim I decided to open the .Mac preference pane and within a few moments a MobileMe update appeared and linked me to Software Update. Now Software Update is showing the package. I’m not 100% certain of the reason and I’m not in a position to replicate it. But, if you are having trouble getting Software Update to find the MobileMe Update 1.1  then try clicking around in the .Mac preferences for a minute.

Having trouble, or have something to add? Please leave a comment!

SOLUTION: iPhone 2.0’s annoying Backup on Sync

I have solved my slow backup problems (prior post), however I’m not 100% certain of the cause. Here are the two things that transpired to correct the issue. 

  1. I restored my iPhone using the iPhone1,1_2.0_5A347_Restore.ipsw – I originally updated my iPhone using the leaked iPhone1,2_2.0_5A347_Restore.ipsw before it was released via iTunes. There’s been some debate over wether or not there’s any difference in the two builds. I’m not going to debate that here. 
  2. As a result of restore, my iPhone was forced to use one of my backups after reloading. I believe it then recreated a new Continue reading

iPhone 2.0′s annoying Backup on Sync

UPDATE: My problems have been solved. See this post for details.

Myself an others are reporting about iPhone 2.0 Backup and Sync frustrations over on Apple’s discussion boards. The gist of the problem is iPhone 2.0 software attempts to do a full back up every time you sync. According to the Apple User’s Guide:

Once iPhone has been configured to sync with a particular computer, iTunes automatically makes a backup of iPhone on that computer when you sync. iTunes won’t automatically back up an iPhone that is not configured to sync with that computer. If you have configured iPhone to automatically sync with iTunes on a specific computer, iTunes will back up iPhone every time you connect it to that computer. Automatic syncing is turned on by default. iTunes only makes one backup each time you connect, even if you sync multiple times before disconnecting.

OK so there’s nothing really wrong with a backup right? There is when it takes 20-40 min each time. I’m sure this differs based on the amount of data you have on your phone. If you are in a hurry and in need of syncing some data sans a full backup, you can Continue reading

Thoughts about Pandora Radio 1.0 on the iPhone

Pandora logoPandora ScreenshotPandora Radio on the iPhone is great. If you don’t have it, I do recommend it –>iTunes Link.  If you are unfamiliar with Pandora check out this wikipedia page as well as their official web site. Basically Pandora is a recommended streaming music service. Here’s my initial thoughts on Pandora Radio for iPhone.

First Pandora Radio can only stream while the application is open. This limitation is imposed as the iPhone won’t allow 3rd party background processes. As soon as you leave Pandora Radio, the music will obviously stop.

Streaming over Edge, is possible but also spotty. During my drive home, I successfully streamed 6 songs. Most songs had a 10-12 second delay before playing. I do recall, however, that  Continue reading

When pregnant women attack! – Chick-fil-A’s Cow Appreciation Day

Yeah I know it’s a provocative title, but follow along as I share with you a true story that is surely deserving of such. In an earlier post I mentioned that Friday (July 11th) was “Cow Appreciation Day” at Chick-fil-A. Whereby you got a free meal if you showed up dressed like a cow. Earlier that day, while I was at work,  my family enjoyed their free lunch, taking part in the wholesome experience. I’m sure you can only imagine how thrilled I was to find my very own cow outfit waiting for me (compliments of Michelle) as I returned home from the office. Apparently we were invited to attend Chick-fil-A again, with some friends for dinner.

So long story short, after going through the hoopla of picture taking (by the store manager) and chatting with other staffers, we finally sat down to eat our $50 free dinner. Once the kids were settled and our talking gave way to chomping, from out of nowhere, a very pregnant woman bellies up to our table. The normal split second thoughts start flying; do we know-, wait no-, uh, yeah she’s a stranger, and just when calmness should have ensued the thought process takes a spiraling dive, what?-, Oh, oh, NO!-, as the Mommy-to-be assertively lifts her shirt, lowers her waistline and pushes her nakedly protruding abdomen atop our Continue reading

MobileMe 1.1 update is available

MobileMe logoWith little details published, Apple had pushed Mac OS X Update for MobileMe into the update channel. It seems to be appearing only for 10.5 Leopard users. Myself and users in the Apple discussion forums are experincing better overall service with MobileMe. As of this writing I could only find the MobileMe 1.1 update via Software Update, there’s no mention on Apple’s official support page.

What do Cows and iPhones have in common?

Black and White iPhone Black and White Cow

Apparently Cows and iPhones have alot in common. Cows come in black and white, and iPhones come in black or white. Cows moo, and apparently iPhones moo too (see Moo – iTunes). Leather is produced from cows, and some iPhone cases are made from leather. Today, July 11th, 2008, Apple launched the iPhone 3G to crowds of fans, while Chick-fil-a declared today Cow Appreciation day. They are inviting anyone who isn’t “too chicken” to visit a Chick-fil-a restaurant dressed like a cow, a free meal. Leave it to my family to participate. That’s the way to save some money!

My family dressed like cows

Initial thoughts on iPhone 2.0 (part 2 – screenshots!)

This is a continuation to my earlier post Initial thoughts on iPhone 2.0. In this post I’ll cover, Facebook, Twitterrific, PhoneSaber, MobileMe and Screenshots.

The Facebook application is missing Wall posts. You will have to use the web interface for that. Also the photo integration won’t allow you to select an existing photo from your album. You are limited to  a realtime photo which is seldom the case for me. Twice now Facebook has rebooted my iPhone. Not nice!

Twitterrific has some photo orientation problems. I send a note to Iconfactory and this was their response: 

Some images uploaded to TwitPic are not rotated correctly. Again, this is a bug with the EXIF data that Apple is putting into the JPEG image. We are working on a workaround now, but didn’t have it ready in time for the launch. We’ve also heard from TwitPic that they are working on some AJAX code that will rotate the images directly in the browser, so that may help in the short term.

PhoneSaber iPhoneA totally useless useful application is PhoneSaber. I can see this coming in handy during boring meetings. Basically your phone becomes a Light Saber from Star Wars making the all familiar sound with each flip of your hand. Just don’t let go of your iPhone. I’m reminded of the Wii remote warnings and safety straps. I wonder when the first iPhone accident will be chalked up to PhoneSaber. –>iTunes Link

I still can’t stop raving over Shazam (audible song identification, see prior post). Here’s a few screen shots to follow up with. 

iPhone Shazam Shazam iPhone

I finally got MobileMe working. Now my Work and Personal calendars are displayed nicely on my iPhone while maintaining their independence on respective systems. Contacts are also manage much the same way. Here’s a couple of shots:

iPhone Calendar iPhone Contacts

Screenshots on the iPhone? How you might ask? Well, it’s easy, just press the Home button and the Power button at the same time. Your screen will blink and the shot will be added to your Camera Roll.

iPhone Screenshot Camera Roll

Registration Servers - Much like launch day last year, I’m hearing that AT&T is having problems again with their registration servers. This can put a crimp in anyone trying to upgrade to 2.0 or activating a new 3G phone. Be patient, it’s worth the wait. Guess I’m lucky to have completed my upgrade before the rush…

Did you get a 3G, have you upgraded to 2.0? Leave a comment with you thoughts!

Initial thoughts on iPhone 2.0

After countless hours of lost productivity today (chalk it up to R&D), and even more family time spent huddling around our iPhone, I decidied to quickly share a few nuggets with you all. 

First off, I have never been found of Microsoft, aside from Xbox 360, but I will say Exchange on the iPhone is incredible. Within minutes of setting up my account, I already had a meeting request pop-up and accepted. 

Passwords across the board, now show you the last character typed. This is handy for me as I’m a fan of long pass phrases. 

Shazam is one of the most impressive free apps. Have you ever wonder what song was playing on the radio? With Shazam you just let your iPhone listen and within moments it will return Continue reading