…and I feel fine.

Sorry I haven’t taken the time to blog. There’s lots going on and my personal todo list is growing out of control. This post will let you know that I’m still here, and test my ability to blog in less than 5 min.

As for a topic I have none. As for this post here’s a couple of interesting thoughts and links for today:

  1. New iPods are out. Check out the Apple store for more details. The new shake to shuffle seems novel and I like the new Touches.
  2. iPhone 2.1 is almost here. Check back on this topic around friday.
  3. The above comes from a very skinny Steve-note announced today. Coverage available at TUAW.
  4. I heard someone say that Steve’s weight and the prices of AAPL’s stock go hand in hand. (if you coined this please sound off in the comments). 
  5. Is it the end of the world as we know it. (Financial Times article).  Thinking of the REM song…
  6. I’m coding an app for work. More on that in future post. 

OK, that’s it for now, back to the daily grind. BTW, total editing time 6 min. Fail. Sound off in the comments below. Tell me whatcha thinking.

WordPress on the iPhone – initial thoughts and screenshots

I just downloaded and installed the WordPress app for my iPhone. Setup was super simple and with one click I could see my posts. I have created and tagged this post from my iPhone. The only trouble I see is needing to copy and paste a URL. Inline images are also not possible, but adding pics to the bottom of the post is sufficient. Tags, categories, schedule, and passwords are east to set too. For a 1.0 release I give two thumbs up!

I would like to see Comment moderation in a future release. Also improve the inclusion of URLs. Entering HTML code on the iPhone isn’t quick and easy.

You can get WordPress for your iPhone from http://snurl.com/32uhi [--> iTunes Link]

Screenshots attatched. This entire post was created, previewed and published with WordPress on the iPhone.

photo photo

photo photo

photo photo

Initial thoughts on iPhone 2.0

After countless hours of lost productivity today (chalk it up to R&D), and even more family time spent huddling around our iPhone, I decidied to quickly share a few nuggets with you all. 

First off, I have never been found of Microsoft, aside from Xbox 360, but I will say Exchange on the iPhone is incredible. Within minutes of setting up my account, I already had a meeting request pop-up and accepted. 

Passwords across the board, now show you the last character typed. This is handy for me as I’m a fan of long pass phrases. 

Shazam is one of the most impressive free apps. Have you ever wonder what song was playing on the radio? With Shazam you just let your iPhone listen and within moments it will return Continue reading

Vitrue Acquires UGENmedia

The news broke today, and I’m finally in a position to share it. Vitrue has acquired a key player in our market named UGENmedia. I’ve had the chance to work with Adam and Roger from UGENmedia and I’m truly excited with the knowledge and expertise their team brings. While there’s always overlap when comparing two companies, I’m thrilled to see a significant amount of complimentary features, skills and experience. Reggie Bradford our CEO said, “This partnership provides Vitrue with an additional dimension through UGENmedia’s expertise and cutting-edge applications.”

Details include:

  • Vitrue gains executive talent
  • Vitrue adds strategic New York presence
  • Vitrue enhances technology and application offerings
  • UGENmedia’s employees are retained 

You can read the entire release at http://www.vitrue.com/

Twitter Survey Take 2 – Brightkite, Photos and Blog Updates

Ok, so I figured out my Google Docs problem. Apparently the setting for my company GDocs wouldn’t allow me to create a public doc. I did try to publish it, but that didn’t work either. So I’m using my personal Google Docs account.

Please take a moment and answer the following questions related to your Twitter preferences.

As I mentioned before, I will post the results here on http://michaelstrutton.com


GDocs Spreadsheet Live Forms – bit me

As you will see in my prior post and update, I was trying to use a new feature in a Google Docs Spreadsheet that allows you to capture data from a form and have it auto populate a spreadsheet. The idea is a really cool concept, except that it requires some form of authentication, maybe because I was using my company google apps account. I also tried publishing my spreadsheet publicly but that still didn’t open the form to the public. If I figure out a solution I’ll post back here. If you have any suggestion leave a comment.

Oh, and I apologize for anyone coming to my blog in the last 24 hours and getting redirected to login at my companies Google Apps account… Whoops ;-) 

Twitter Survey about Photos, Brightkite, and Blog posts

Please take a min and answer the following survey questions. I’ll report the results in a future post here on http://michaelstrutton.com.


Oops 101. I should have known better. This post was embedding an iframe from a google forms spreadsheet. I thought it was publicly available. I even tested it on other browsers, thinking I wasn’t logged into to GDocs.

My plan was to ask the following fill in the blank survey questions.
Brightkite location “check in” in Twitter are ______ .
Photos posted to Twitter are _______.
New blog entries posted to Twitter are _____.

I’ll get back to you with my next attempt.