Solution: Dock-able iPhone 3GS Case for my iHome iP9

As you may recall I recently purchased an iHome iP9 for the bedside. The sound and features are great, but my biggest complaint was the lack of universal dock adapter for my current iPhone 3GS case (Contour Design’s Hardskin).  Placing the skinned iPhone in the iHome dock without adequate protection had me worried for the life of the connectors on each device.

After my inquiry to Contour Design went unanswered, I began looking for an alternative, and I’m happy to say I may have found a solution. Unlike Contour Designs, there are case manufactures who actually consider dock-ability an important feature in a case/skin. Some manufactures create slide offs like Griffin Nu Form Case with EasyDock and others like SwitchEasy do exactly what I want, create universal dock inserts to fit their cases.

SwitchEasy Rebel BlackI have ordered the SwitchEasy Rebel Case for iPhone 3G. This case combines a soft polymer with a slick hard shell, offering the best of both, and the design is quite eye-popping. Included with the case are two anti-static screen guards, microfiber wipe, universal dock adapter, video dock stand, squeegee for your screen guard application and a dock connection cover.

Are you docking an iPhone with a case? What’s your solution? Drop a comment below:

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