WordPress on the iPhone – initial thoughts and screenshots

I just downloaded and installed the WordPress app for my iPhone. Setup was super simple and with one click I could see my posts. I have created and tagged this post from my iPhone. The only trouble I see is needing to copy and paste a URL. Inline images are also not possible, but adding pics to the bottom of the post is sufficient. Tags, categories, schedule, and passwords are east to set too. For a 1.0 release I give two thumbs up!

I would like to see Comment moderation in a future release. Also improve the inclusion of URLs. Entering HTML code on the iPhone isn’t quick and easy.

You can get WordPress for your iPhone from http://snurl.com/32uhi [--> iTunes Link]

Screenshots attatched. This entire post was created, previewed and published with WordPress on the iPhone.

photo photo

photo photo

photo photo

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5 thoughts on “WordPress on the iPhone – initial thoughts and screenshots

  1. Thanks, Mike. Great comments on the app. I wonder (I haven’t looked at the SDK) if there might be a way to launch iPhone native apps via some sort of URL. If so, maybe a future version of the WordPress App could accept a URL as an input parameter to at least drop a link into the body of a new post. Then a bookmarklet could aid the process a little bit.

    Of course, that is 100% speculation and wishful thinking.

    Thanks for stopping by earlier!

  2. They could also integrate with any number of bookmark services, or create a simple email gateway and preload URL into a list, like photos and you could select one from there.

  3. Do you, or Coustan, or any other Internet nut formerly of EarthLink, ever sleep? You are posting screen shots from 1:00am-ish and he’s responding at 12am ish…..