Initial thoughts on iPhone 2.0

After countless hours of lost productivity today (chalk it up to R&D), and even more family time spent huddling around our iPhone, I decidied to quickly share a few nuggets with you all. 

First off, I have never been found of Microsoft, aside from Xbox 360, but I will say Exchange on the iPhone is incredible. Within minutes of setting up my account, I already had a meeting request pop-up and accepted. 

Passwords across the board, now show you the last character typed. This is handy for me as I’m a fan of long pass phrases. 

Shazam is one of the most impressive free apps. Have you ever wonder what song was playing on the radio? With Shazam you just let your iPhone listen and within moments it will return Album, Artist, Song Title and more. In my test it identified 10 for 10 songs. 3 on the home stereo, 3 in the car, 1 from another iPhone and 3 from MacBook speakers. –>iTunes link

Super Monkey Ball, Texas Hold’em and Ms. Pacman are all great. 

Don’t waste your money on Crazy Eye. It might be worth $0.25 akin to a prize in a gumball machine. Who knows maybe it will get some play in a meeting or two at work. 

Pandora on the iPhone is another godsend. Not usable on Edge but for you soon to be 3G’ers I think you could augment your playlist and FM tuning durring rush hour. –>iTunes Link

MobileMe has been a PITA for me today. But, on my iPhone it worked as expected. My mail account started pushing automatically, and turning on Calendar and Contacts with the flip of a switch was as simple as Steve Jobs wardrobe. The calendar app does a great job keeping my personal and business schedule separately-together. 

For guitar players like me, GuitarToolkit is a must have. Tones, Tuner, Metronome and a Chord chart round it out. I spent much more on my Sabine digital tuner. –>iTunes Link

Facebook and Twitterrific take the cake in the social networking arena. Twitterrific has a great UI, a built-in browser and Camera to TwitPic integration. –>iTunes Link – Facebook’s application also brings photos and the recently popular Facebook chat to the iphone. As expected they too have an excellent UX. –>iTunes Link

NetNewsWire is one of my favorite OS X apps and I was excited to see it in the AppStore. After a quick test drive though, I must say their iPhone web app (NewsGator) seems better and faster. I plan to give it more time but I very well might stick with NewsGator/Safari. 

BUGS? As expected with a product introduction there’s bound to be glitches and bugs (MobileMe?). I have had a handful of crashes and unexpected data errors in the “free” apps. I haven’t had a single problem with a premium app (not counting MobileMe). I expect these bugs to be worked out in due time. 

Honestly I feel like I have only scratched the surface here. So sound off in the comments and share your thoughts on the new apps for iPhone 2.0!

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One thought on “Initial thoughts on iPhone 2.0

  1. Great write up, Mike. I too am a big fan of Shazam but haven’t had too much of a chance to play with it. The rotary phone dialer is cool in concept but doesn’t work very well, so i’ll be removing that. And the Where application will be neat once I start getting to the location of my friends, but the GasBuddy was disappointing because it does not show gas prices. Wonder if they will have an application that does show you the cheapest closest gas prices – now that’s valuable!