My Dear Sister…

I can’t  believe I missed out on the Dear Sister parody from SNL last year. Thanks to Jon Lee for sharing that nugget of time killer beauty. The wonders of YouTube related videos had Michelle and I consuming many of the double parodies like Pirates of the Caribbean, Lost, The Tudors and a classic episode of Three’s Company. If you too have no clue about Dear Sister, then read on. Oh, and stick around for my very own stab at the double parody.

Dear Sister is an SNL parody of the final scene of The O.C.’s second-season finale. In the original O.C. scene Marissa shoots Trey to save Ryan. The scene is over the top drama with using a called Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap. In the SNL parody a series of violent act are repeated using the slow motion and the aforementioned song. The popularity of the parody inspired 1000s of double parodies to be posted. To get the full affect watch the following in order:

Original O.C. scene:


SNL Parody – Dear Sister:


Likewise I was inspired to create my own double parody. But I quickly found all the obvious parodies had been done. Yup there’s, Sopranos, Scarface, Matrix, and even the Lion King. The list is amazing. That left me with no choice but to seek fresh content. Thanks to an well timed ad on YouTube I found no one had used the Hancock movie trailer. My edits took < 10 min, far less than I spent thinking about what to parody.



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