How to accept a job at a social media company.

As you may know I recently took a position with Vitrue. Vitrue develops a platform for major brands to implement video-centric social media campaigns and communities. The interview process was fairly typical, a round robin of meetings. When done, I came away very impressed with the organization and the following week I was thrilled to received a verbal offer of employment.  After spending a few days considering the offer, I got the crazy idea to say YES in a non-traditional method. The following link was sent in place of a letter of acceptance:

The video was well received, and I still hear comments about it around the office. While, it didn’t help me land the job, it did make a good impression with everyone before I arrived. 

Obviously the tools and methods we use to communicate are evolving exponentially. Kids present book reports with PowerPoint or web pages. Teachers post progress reports on the web. Multi-participant conversations take place over Twitter. Meetups are happening inside virtual worlds like Second Life. Dave Coustan recently redefined the business card. I accepted a job with a home movie. And, everyday I witness consumers talking back to brands with some form of UGC.  

Do you have an example of creative forms of communication? Have you done anything out of the box to land a job, or make an impression? Leave a comment and tell me about it. 

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